Paddle Boarding Maldives: 8 Best Spots To Explore On A SUP

Paddle Boarding in Maldives

Honestly, paddle boarding Maldives is like stepping into a tropical postcard. It’s full of crystal-clear blue water and there’s no better way to experience it than on a paddle board. That’s why we asked the folks at Paddleboard Insiders to give us the best spots to explore when paddle boarding in the Maldives. 

So I can give them to you! 😊

Add these spots into your itinerary for your next trip, and let’s explore the Maldives on a SUP.

Why Paddle Board in the Maldives?

First off, why the Maldives? It’s simple. 

The water here is so calm and warm, it’s like it was made for paddle boarding. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re practically a pro, you’ll find a spot that feels just right. 

Plus –  you’ll get some pretty epic ocean views that are straight out of a travel magazine. 

So with that being said – let’s get into the locations.

Here Are Some Spots To Add To Your Itinerary:

Location #1: Baros Maldives

Baros is just the spot if you’re looking for a peaceful time out in the ocean. The water here is super clear, making it easy to see fish swimming around while you glide over the surface. It’s not too crowded either, so you can enjoy some quiet time on your board.

Baros Maldives

Insider Tip: Try an early morning paddle for smoother water and fewer people. It’s also much cooler so that’s also a win in my books.

Location: Google Maps

Location #2: Milaidhoo Island

Milaidhoo Island is perfect for the adventurous paddle boarder. The surrounding waters are crystal clear, offering excellent visibility of the vibrant marine life below, including the occasional reef shark (they are friendly but don’t touch them)! Honestly when it comes to paddle boarding in the Maldives this is a spot you shouldn’t miss.

Milaidhoo Island

Insider Tip: Bring a waterproof camera to capture underwater scenes while you paddle. You can easily see turtles and lots of nice fish so it’s a really fun activity

Location: Google Maps

Location #3: Maafushi

Maafushi offers a cool mix of local culture and beautiful sup spots. The waters are inviting, and it’s less touristy than some other spots, allowing you a genuine feel of the Maldives without it costing you an absolute fortune.

Maafushi island

Insider Tip: Check out local eateries after your paddle for some delicious Maldivian cuisine. 

Location: Google Maps

Location #4: Biyadhoo Island

Biyadhoo Island is a hidden paradise for nature lovers. Paddle around this small island and explore the coral reefs that are just beneath the surface, making for an epic underwater view as you board. It’s crazy how many fish you can see from a sup, so in my opinion this is one of the best ways to experience this island.

Biyadhoo Island

Insider Tip: Paddle at mid-tide for the best access to the reefs without worrying about high tide currents.

Location: Google Maps

Location #5: COMO Cocoa Island

COMO Cocoa Island is surrounded by shallow lagoons that are perfect for beginners that want to learn. The calm waters provide a safe environment for you to practice your paddle boarding skills without any stress (plus the water is warm so if you fall then you won’t mind)

COMO Cocoa Island

Insider Tip: Stay around the sandbank for flat water that’s perfect for practicing new moves.

Location: Google Maps

Location #6: Thulusdhoo

Thulusdhoo offers a unique blend of calm waters for paddle boarding and great waves for surfing on the other side of the island. It’s the perfect spot if you want to mix up your water sports and try your hand at some easy and approachable waves. 

Thulusdhoo Island

Insider Tip: Paddle in the morning for the calmest conditions before the winds pick up in the afternoon.

Location: Google Maps

Location #7: Fulhadhoo

If you’re looking for a quiet escape, Fulhadhoo is your spot. This secluded island provides a peaceful setting where you can enjoy paddle boarding away from the crowds, surrounded by nature. There are also some really nice shady spots so that you can escape the hot sun.

Fulhadhoo Island

Insider Tip: Explore the north side of the island for the best paddle boarding area with fewer boat interruptions.

Location: Google Maps

Location #8: Dhiffushi

Dhiffushi is laid-back and picturesque, making it a great spot for a leisurely paddle board day. The waters are inviting, and the scenic views make for perfect photo opportunities.

“I loved paddling around the boats that are docked there and imagining owning one of them some day.”

– Jason Watson, Paddleboard Insiders

When paddle boarding in Maldives this is a spot you can’t miss! It’s also practical to rent a house here so this could be your regular SUP spot.


Insider Tip: Follow the coast to find hidden spots where the water is exceptionally calm and clear.

Location: Google Maps


There you go – eight fantastic spots for paddle boarding across the Maldives. Each place has its own unique charm, whether you’re looking to chill and take in the sights, get a bit of culture, or maybe even snap some cool underwater photos. These spots are prime for making your SUP adventures unforgettable.

Paddle boarding in the Maldives isn’t just about the sport; it’s about soaking up the sun, the scenery, and the sea in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Whether you’re planning a short visit or a long stay, adding these spots to your itinerary will definitely enhance your experience.

Paddle Boarding Maldives FAQS

Do I need to be an experienced paddle boarder to enjoy SUP in the Maldives?

Not at all! The Maldives has plenty of spots perfect for beginners, especially places like COMO Cocoa Island with its shallow lagoons. Plus, many resorts offer lessons if you want to up your game.

Can I rent paddle boards there, or should I bring my own?

Yes, you can definitely rent paddle boards. Most resorts and water sports centers on the islands have them available, so no need to lug yours all the way from home unless you really want to.

What should I wear for paddle boarding in the Maldives?

Wear something comfortable that can get wet, like a swimsuit or a rash guard. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat to protect you from the sun, and maybe a pair of water shoes to keep your feet safe.

Is it safe to paddle board by myself in the Maldives?

It’s generally safe, but always better to paddle with someone else, especially if you’re not familiar with the waters. Plus, it’s more fun to have company! Make sure you know the area or ask local guides about where to go and where to avoid.

What’s the best time of year to go paddle boarding in the Maldives?

The best time is during the dry season, from November to April, when the weather is drier and the seas are calmer. It’s the ideal time to enjoy the water without too much wind or waves.