Ishmeet Singh died in Maldives

ishmeet singhThe winner of Star TV show “Voice of India 2007″, singing competition held by India’s Star Plus Channel, Ishmeet Singh died in Maldives on Tuesday evening.

Officials from the Chaaya Dhonveli Beach Resort where he was staying said that Ishmeeth had drowned between 5:15pm and 5:20pm while in the swimming pool of the resort.

“He went into the swimming pool with a couple of his friends this afternoon,” Marlon Robert, the Assistant Manager of the Resort, said. “None of them knew how to swim so he was using the baby (shallow) swimming pool. Since he didn’t know how to swim we had advised him not to use the big pool. Somehow or other he ended up in the big pool. When he couldn’t get out of it his friends apparently went looking for help.”

According to the Maldives Police Service, Ishmeeth’s body had been immediately brought to the ADK Hospital in Male’ after the incident. The doctor who had attended to him said that the cause of death seemed to be by drowning. Police said that their investigations were now proceeding.

Arrangements are underway to transport Ishmeeth’s body back to India, sources say.

The 19-year-old singer had arrived in Maldives Tuesday morning to take part in a show being held in Male’, the capital city, by his contracting music company. The show was planned to be held during this weekend.

Supporters of the singer voted heavily for him from Punjab during the finals of the contest. Even though Harshit led the votes tally in most regions of the country, the final count went in Ishmeet’s favour due to heavy voting from Punjab.

Ishmeet had won the ‘Voice of India’ singing contest held on November 26, 2007, pipping his closest rival Harshit from Uttar Pradesh in a keen contest. He was given the winner’s trophy by melody queen Lata Mangeshkar.

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34 thoughts on “Ishmeet Singh died in Maldives
  1. This is so shocking, how could it be possible, he couldn’t of died in a swimming pool by drowning.Shouldn’t there been some lifeguard or atleast someone to help him and that resort is suppose to be one of the best. Just how could it be possible this should be investigated. I give simpathy to all of Ishmeeths family, friends and fans i am really sorry and would of hope to ishmeeth that he could of gone really far in life but i guess this is where it ends.

  2. It pains me to write that Ishmeet Singh is no more amongst us physically. The young budy has left the torch behind to be picked up by someone from the sikh youth and carry it to the peak of Himalya.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  3. I feel so sad upon hearing this news.

    I live in NZ and had watched all the Star Voice of India programme.

    Ishmeet had become so close to us though we only watched him on TV.

    Hum us param pita parameshwar se vinay karte hai ke unki atma ko shaanti praapt ho.

    My sincere condolence to the famliy of Ishmeet.

    Long Live his memories.


  4. it’s really a shoking news and i do not have words to express my sad feelings. i can’t beleive that can happen in a luxury resort, where lifeguards were supposed to be appointed. How come nobody was there to help at that busy hour? god bless his soul in peace. it’s painful to write these words.

  5. He was such a soft spoken humble person, liked by everyone.
    Like always God needs good people in heaven too, so some die just too young. Seems to be his case too.
    I cant imagine wat a roller coaster ride his family has had for the last 1-2 years.
    Waheguru meher kar.

  6. why he went to mega pool, he did not no to swim Evan…i went to maldives it have mega pools in 7 star resort, and have many life guards but he died in 2 second, i think no life guard can save him cos its 2 second .. we all love you, god bless you

  7. I just feel sorry for his parents.he was such a great person.I just can’t
    Stop my tears from my eyes.we all love him and god bless his soul

  8. It is very difficult to beleive that he died of drowning in the pool. A resort that cannot ensure the safety of their guests, should think twice before opening their doors to tourist.

    It is a total lapse on the part of the resort and the organisers.

    Which parent will allow any such external party to take responsibilty of their child. Nothing but shameful.

  9. Very Sad and a tragic end to an upcoming star. He was avery good singer. Though we do not know him personally but we only saw him on TV and went on to become his great fan. All sympathies to his family and we pray to Almight God for teh sould to rest in peace.

    May the family be given enough strength to tolorate this unbearable loss. The news was not only shocking but Painful also.


  10. Hey there guys, this is what i found about Ishmeet’s death. HE WAS SWIMMING IN A PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL, exactly why there was no one around. The hotel’s management had warned Ishmeet, Sumitra and Vyom to stay away from the main pool since none of them knew how to swim. Ishmeet was quite impressed of the beauty of the resort and was overheard telling Sumitra that he would stay in the Maldives if he got a job there. He went off on his own to the children’s swimming pool where the water was shallow. However, he jumped into the main swimming pool even after warnings from the management. The hotel people quickly took him to a nearby hospital from a boat but unfortunately he died before reaching the hospital”¦”¦. – this is what i HEARD so far, i’ll try to keep you fans updated. May his soul rest in peace –

  11. Horrifing and unimaginable!How were the boys allowed into the pool without a lifeguard around?Destiny is not the answer to this.Parents have lost their precious child due to the negligence of officials at the Resort.

  12. i cant even belive that ishmeet is no longer with us.
    he was such a gd singer,
    may his soul rest in peace.

  13. my sympathasies are with his families
    may his soul rest in peace
    i have lost my favourite singer

  14. Well… its really heart breaking news.. I WISH he never went near the pool… especially when he was specifically warned… Maldives is such a tempting land… I feel sad tO have lost such a beautiful soul amid a beautiful land… May he rest in peace.. GOD BLESS U… 🙁

  15. we went to maldives . the resorts are 10 star and the pools are mega nice pools and there are many life guards but death cant stopped to anyone. he got a heart attack cos beauti of maldives. god bless you

  16. he told his friend that he like to live in maldives.. and want a job in maldives .. most people is telling he got an heart attack and fell to pool .. god love you

  17. Its a very shocking and undigestable to believe on this accident happened with ISHMEET SINGH. In news we are listening different things of what has happened and just now i read the comment by singer SHAAN – which was totally different from what has been said by the spoker from Maldives Resort. So we want to know what is the truth.
    we demand a sincere investigation and proper Enquiry in Ishmeet tragic Death.

  18. Hum sabhi log khoobsurat aur achee cheezey pasand kartey hai, hum bhagwaan ji ke liye achey se achey phool todte hai. Toh kyun nah bhagwaan ji neh iss achey aur anmol phoor koh todne mein der nahi kee. Ishmeet ji aap hamare samne toh ab nahi rahey parr hamare dill mein sabhi din ke liye bas gaye hai. Tuu jahan bhi raho sada khush rehna aur muskuratein rehna.We all love you dearly.

  19. We realy sad for ISHMEET ki o hamare beech nahi rahe, We all love ISHMEET, but hum unke Parents ke dukh ko kam nahi kar sakte Hai, unhe pata hai unhone kya khoya hai, Just I pray that babbaji ISHMEET ke atma ko shanti de , Aur Unke Parents ko Himmat.

  20. it is really shocking to hear about him we all pray for his soul who left us

  21. it’s really very shocking news about ISHMEET SINGH,mujhe to abhi tak vishwas nahi ho raha k ishmeet ji hame sab ko choor k chale gaye,waheguru ishmeet ki aatma ko shanti de aur unke parents ko himat.

  22. It is so unfortunate to learn of this very sad event. We have followed his growth thru the entire program and were thrilled to have him win.. we were looking forward to his coming success.. it is so so sad.

    Kindly convey our heartfelt condolences to his family.

  23. it’s really shocking news about Ishmeet Singh. I have seen many times his performance in voice of india was absolutely fantastic but now all sad everywhere. Waheguru tuwada naa sadaa ucha raakhe.

  24. ISHMEET you will be greatly miss. You had such a wonderful voice that was blessed onto by God. May soul rest in eternal peace Amen.

  25. ISHMEET you will be greatly miss. You had such a wonderful voice that was blessed onto by God. May your soul rest in eternal peace Amen.

  26. Ishmeet was a gr8 singer n a down 2 earth person.. His death is a gr8 loss 2 the whole world.. May His soul rest in peace n may God giv strength 2 his family 2 tolerate this unbearable loss.. Ishmeet’s death is a murder not an accident,he waz not a kid that he jumpd into a deep pool wen he didnt know how 2 swim.. India’s govt. Shud investigate his murder.. God bles him

  27. its really shocking and unbeleivable for me that Ishmeet is no more,i really liked him as a singer,one thing more i wana say that ishmeet will always live in our heart as a great singer and voice of india.

  28. I realy cant believe this i am a srilankan and i have been watching this program up to the end i just cant imagine what had happen to ishmeed how would it be happened in a hotel like this there should be a life guard on duty through out the day i have no word express my feeling i realy like him

    from Sri lnaka

  29. i still do not believe that my favourite ishmeet star of my eyes is no longer with us.I watched his every single show. my heart aches when i think about him.I love him sooooo much.he was the best kid.he was a very mature .I know that five hundred percent he would not go to the deeper every body knows what happened.I believe god will punish them.He earned so much in nineteen years those people will not earn in nineteen hundred years.jealousy will get you nowhere .ismeet i love you so much rest in peace . it even hurts so much to say that.I do not know how to express my feelings.I just want my Ishmeet back.I love his name I hope when his sister have a son he looks like ishmeet and she names him you Ishmeet.

  30. Im soo shocked. i only watched the show a few times but ismeet was mine and my famly favo may whare guru take him under his wing.

  31. ishmeet had been really a great soul……he was more of the voice of hearts than voice of india…….if i could have got one chance to bring you back i could have made the zenith my end to make it possible……with tears


  32. the death of ishmeet singh not only shook india but was felt across the border even.the people of pakistan r greatly saddened by the tragic death of ishmeet singh.may Allah Almighty bless his soul

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