Almost all resorts offer an excursion program. Some of these programs are scheduled while others are tailor-made to suit individual needs. The scheduled programs often include island hopping and night-fishing; unique terms for a unique destination.

Island Hopping

An ‘island-hopping’ excursion would take you to another resort, an uninhabited island and an inhabited island all in a day-tour designed to give you a taste of the country. You would also get the opportunity to snorkel in the clear waters of a desert island and experience a barbecue on the beach. Some resorts take this a step further by conducting the excursion by sea plane.

Male’ Excursion

Male’ Excursions are organized regularly by resorts in Male’ Atoll, however some resorts in other atolls also offer you the opportunity to visit the capital during your stay. Male’ is the political and commercial hub of the country.

Night Fishing

Night fishing is a special Maldivian form of evening entertainment in which you could enjoy the peace and stillness of the night under starry skies while you fish for snapper or grouper, and end the evening with a barbecue prepared with your very own catch.

Photo Flights

Resorts also offer you the opportunity to savor the beauty of the Maldives from the air. While some resorts offer organized photo flights by seaplane, you have the option of arranging your own aerial expedition as well.


The Maldives’ spas are in a world of their own. It is the perfect blend of luxurious therapies, health and beauty experiences and sensory stimulation complemented by the tranquil surrounding and blissful tropical beauty.

Spas offer a large number of therapies and facilities ranging from aromatherapy, massage to Jacuzzis and saunas. Many of the treatments combine traditional Asian therapies with classic European spa techniques.

While some resorts own and operate their own spas many of the resort spas are operated by spa chains.

Sports in Resorts

Resorts offer a variety of sports for the enjoyment of their guests; beach volleyball is the most obvious, however many resorts have tennis courts of exceptional quality and fully equipped gymnasiums complete with instructors. Badminton and squash courts are quite common in the resorts as well. Billiards, pool and a variety of board games are offered on most resorts.

Resort Entertainment

Entertainment in the evenings differs widely from resort to resort. Some resorts provide a more club-like atmosphere. They may have a weekly program of animation with professional entertainers. Almost all resorts offer disco and live music either with their in-house DJs and bands or visiting bands from Male’. Some resorts include traditional dance and music in their entertainment programs.

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