Constance Halaveli Resort Maldives

Halaveli is without contest one of the most beautiful islands of the Maldives, for the simple reason that it is by itself a lagoon within an atoll. Then, also, by the indisputable beauty of its sea bed, very much alive with a rich fauna, and its location on the Ari Atoll close to Malé airport. The simplest way to go there is by a 20-minute transfer by seaplane.

Constance Halaveli Resort.

The architecture is based on the shape of the “dohnies”, the traditional Maldivian boats, with their so significant curves made of sensual delight and sweetness.


Accommodation on the island has deliberately been focused on two alternatives of even value though different: villa on the ground and villa on the sea. Both offer residential amenities, each one with its private swimming pool. This facility may seem extravagant, but it nevertheless gives a plus to the private character of the accommodation and considerably increases the comfort and privacy of the stay. Between the lush vegetation of the island and the eternal turquoise of the lagoon, only the case differs since the amenities and the resolutely contemporaneous decor are similar.

Constance Halaveli Resort Villa

57 Water Villas of 100 m² with Private Plunge Pool (3m x 4m) & Sun deck for a maximum of 2 adults + 1 extra bed (child under 12 yrs)

20 Beach Villas of 350 m² with Private Plunge Pool (3m x 5m) & Garden for a maximum of 2 adults + 1 extra bed (child under 12 yrs)

8 Double Storey Beach Villas of 410 m2 with Private Plunge Pool
(3m x 5m) & Garden for a maximum of 2 adults + 2 extra beds
(child under 12 yrs) or 1 extra bed adult

1 Presidential Beach Villa of 700 m² with Private Plunge Pool
(10m x 3.75m) for a maximum of 6 adults + 3 extra beds
(child under 12 yrs)


The food, with the “culinary spirit” touch of the Constance Hotels Experience, is here more significant than ever because of the geographical proximity of the spice source, the Molucca islands. Three restaurants, with different characteristics, are available: the main one offering various facets of island cuisine in an abundant buffet style, the speciality restaurant where the products are rendered sublime in a unique set-up above the sea and the beach restaurant offering meals closer to the resort style of the place.

Halaveli Resort Swiming pool

Spa, diving and dolce far niente are the keywords of the activities of Halaveli where each guest finds, according to his own rhythm, his well-being. The mind, the body, the soul are there in total peace, an ideal place to recharge one’s batteries before going back to face life’s realities, a break for happiness.

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Central Reservation Office
Poste de Flacq
Mauritius – Indian Ocean
Pilot Number: (230) 402 2777 / 402 2772
Fax Number: (230) 402 2616
Email: [email protected]

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