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Commonly known as Horubadhoo, Located in Baa atoll, 75km North West of MalĂ©, the capital city of the Maldives. Of a total of 50 islands in the Baa atoll, only one fifth of them make up the population of this atoll. The remaining islands are deserted with unspoiled wildlife and barely trodden-on beaches. Some of these neighboring uninhabited islands are ideal picnic spots for guests of the Royal Island and Spa. Due to the location of Baa atoll it is influenced by the southwest monsoon, especially from May to July, bringing in large quantities of nutrients from the surrounding ocean which attract whale sharks and manta rays. The main occupation of the people of this atoll is tuna fishery. Some of the islanders are well known for their skilled craftsmanship. Lacquer ware is a particularly unique creation of the people of Thulhaadhoo and is sold in many souvenir shops and resort boutiques. Eydhafushi, the capital island of Baa atoll is famous for ‘feyli’ weaving – a traditional-style wraparound skirt for women.

Getting Here

It is a smooth journey by seaplane from the main airport to Baa Atoll. The Trans Maldivian Airways twin-otter float plane takes 35 minutes to reach the Royal Island platform. Before departure, Trans Maldivian Airways provides guests with the comfort of waiting in the Royal Lounge owned and operated by Royal Island. Once the seaplane reaches the Royal Island platform, a local boat will pick the clients from the platform to Royal, which takes about 3-5 minutes to reach Royal Island.


Beach Villa

Amidst this tropical paradise are your classically designed superior quality beach villas. Each villa is equipped with all the amenities you would expect from a five star resort for your comfort and relaxation. From the minute you step into your luxurious room you will fell like royalty. Each villa is carefully constructed from Merbau wood, which is very unique in this part of the world. The upholstery and decor you will agree has been designed in a truly elegant style..

The breathtaking views from your villa of the Indian ocean will certainly make you feel as though you have found the most idyllic place for your vacation.

Presidendial Suites

Sanctuaries amidst the vast Indian Ocean, the Han’dhu and Iru Suites of Royal Island are indeed magical in their tropical splendor. Built, decked and furnished elegantly in wood and other natural materials, both suites are spacious and boast all modern comforts presented harmoniously with the natural charm of the adjoining talc white beach and crystal clear lagoon.
For the true romance of a real island get away, both suites offer the privacy and comfort of a loved home with features of highest-class suites.

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Rep of Maldives
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